CISCO — Network Academy Video



Cisco Networking Academy, one of Cisco Systems' CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs, prepares students worldwide for the IT workforce.

This video for NetAcad required illustrated backgrounds which were then physically printed and used as backdrops for live camera filming, showing the main character traversing different environments. The style was highly textured, evocative of paper collage.

Below are examples of my contributions to this super fun project.



Much like a real jungle, this scene was bursting with visual activity. 

This render shows parallax of the background, middle ground, and foreground elements in the jungle scene.


JUNGLE VERSIONS: Progression of the jungle scene through various stages. While the jungle grew wild and free and crazy-detailed, the simple silhouettes not only balanced the design but made for simple trimming once the backgrounds were printed. Win-win!


The desert scene used a much sparser visual language than the jungle scene.

This render shows parallax of the background elements in the desert scene.


DESERT LAYERS: A look at the background, middle ground, and foreground layers shown separately.