"The Life of an Invoice"

Corporate Animation


What happens to an invoice when you send it off?

TIMG, an information management company servicing thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand, tapped Laurel Stories to create an original 60-second animation that captures the frustration of misplacing an invoice in a sea of documents, and points to a better solution.

Creative director and lead animator Laurel Chen spearheaded the production from the discovery phase with the client to scriptwriting, storyboarding, design, animation, casting and directing. 

An original musical score, created just for this animation, brought things up a notch. Meanwhile, one chameleon-like voice actor played three different characters with diverse accents.


And then what happens?

"Life of an Invoice was used to give our team of over 500 people an idea of what we do as an organisation, to open their minds to some of the many benefits of our product PaperLite. 

We also use it for sales presentations because it shows what clients can relate to in a memorable way.

The message is true, simple, slightly humorous and sticks in the mind. Animation is a key way to engage people with sound, vision and emotion: it make the product memorable and your branding stick."

– Chris Cotterrell
General Manager, TIMG